More Illustrations from the ’60s

Apologies for the brief interlude: sickness prevailed…

Right, 1960s illustrations from March. It’s amazing how within one decade, the fashionable style can change so much.

Frank Haseler - 'Thicker Than Water'

That illustration and the one in my last post both came from the same magazine:

'Woman' March 11th 1967

One of my friends suggested a while back that I probably had enough material with these magazines to study a PHD in how the role of women has changed. I should say I probably have! I was actually comparing some of these magazines to modern ones with my Year Eleven revision students this week; they were quite horrified when I pointed out that everything in the modern ‘Stylist’ magazine still described a woman who was: white, middle class, ‘girly’, interested in only clothes, make-up and pretty things, had no interest in technology, Science Fiction or work. It did get me thinking about the issue – has the role of a woman changed all that much or not? Hmmm… perhaps something to consider another time when I’m not still feeling ill.

Woman’s Own from¬†March, 1967 also:

Is that Twiggy? I’m not into the 60s enough to really recognise her (I know, I know she’s an icon, the face of the era, blah blah blah). They usually don’t mention the cover stars at all in these magazines, I don’t know why.

Walter Wyles 1967

As always, I would suggest visiting the Today’s Inspiration blog for more information about both of these artists.

I do prefer the earlier illustrations of the ’50s and early ’60s to these. I find these a bit gloomy and dull, to be honest. Still interesting though, to see how the style has changed.


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