March Illustration: The ’60s

It’s a speed post tonight, I’m afraid, as I’m a bit bogged down with work, Masters and making tea! I’m trying to post something every day though, so here goes…

Eric Earnshaw - 1967 Woman Magazine 'I Love You'

For a story titled ‘I Love You’… seems to fit my mood tonight. Not that I love work or anything… That’s all you’re getting for this evening. I promise I’ll try and post more tomorrow.


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  1. i love ‘romance’ art as a genre in itself

    1. littleowlski says:

      They are romantic; I think all of these old illustrations deal with love in one way or another. Certainly the stories that accompany them are usually about love!

  2. kaye michie says:

    My son is trying to sell a load of illustrations by John Heseltine that were bought from the artist in the 70’s. Old illustrations from the 60’s and 70’s. Are you intereested in any or do you know anyone that might be.
    K. Michie

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