Sunday Car Booting Finds


At the weekend, I travelled down to Stafford to visit my Mum for Mother’s Day. It seems that the West Midlands is the Car Boot Sale capital of the country! As is the norm when we visit Stafford, Sunday morning involved visiting the car boot sale on the Common. And just like always, I wasn’t disappointed with my finds.

Vintage Bags - £3

Pretty much the first stall I looked at had an amazing array of bits and bobs. The stallholder was clearing out her mum’s attic. My sister bought a giant horn from them and desperately wanted a huge wooden boat! I went back at the end of the sale, when she was packing up, and bought these as well:

Vintage Eastex Coat - £5

Can you see the label on that?

The coat looks like it’s never been worn – I almost don’t want to wear it as I want to preserve it’s excellent condition. Having said that, I did wear it to work this morning as it seemed a bit chilly. That didn’t last long; did you see the glorious sunshine this afternoon?

I got this for free with the coat:

60s turban hat - Free!

It’s amazing! But I’ve not yet dared to wear it outside of the house…

Vintage Costume Jewellery - £3.00

These gorgeous ’60s necklaces were tangled up in a tub of other necklaces, mostly cheap, plastic beads. The chunky chain one is a Napier. The other two aren’t signed, but they’re definitely of the era. I’m becoming a bit addicted to these ’60s pendant necklaces. That’s my fifth one now.

Last but not least:

Vintage Scotty Dog Coasters - 50p

These are almost too kitsch! Aidan hates them, but I think they’re funny. Not sure if I’d use them though… I might put them out and see if he notices!

Everything was carried home in my Big Shopper which I’ve had for a couple of years now and is perfect for carting stuff around in:


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