The Ladybird Book of The Weather

The Ladybird Book of The Weather

When I was a very young child, I was allowed to buy one Ladybird book a week if I’d been good. I still love them now; especially the older ones. This 1963 ‘ The Ladybird Book of The Weather’ came from the Willow Wood Hospice Shop in Glossop for the grand total of 25p.

My brother in law will like that picture: he’s a bit obsessed with the RNLI. This also means that we, meaning Aidan and me, also have to go and look at every lifeboat in each town we go to ‘for his brother’.

This reminds me of the children’s TV programme that was on years ago – the name of which escapes me completely – that was about the husband and wife who lived in the weather clock. If anybody remembers what the programme was called, please let me know!

Any reason for those three locations being chosen to pinpoint?

That one is one of my favourites in the book. I like the birds and the snowflakes. Out of season for us at the moment, but still pretty to look at.

There are two things about that picture that make it my favourite. Firstly, the ‘Sunshine Recorder’. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? Secondly, the woman in the red strapless outfit and yellow hat. I want that outfit! Preferably wearing it outside, with a reason to have a Sunshine Recorder.

A pipe and a slight beer-belly… all you need for recording the weather.

That’s more like it: they’re a bit more well-equipped for dealing with the extremes of weather.

I’m hoping this book inspires the weather to pick up a bit round here. Rain, rain, rain is getting a boring, boring, boring!


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