Many Happy Returns to the Queen!

Queen’s Birthday – Woman’s Own April 17th 1952

This is a belated birthday post to the Queen! What with all the excitement of our German roadtrip and pottery buying, I completely forgot to do this as a blog post. Normally, I’m not much of a fan of the royals; but, it feels that they’re having a bit of a resurgence at the moment, what with the royal wedding next week. There are a few things that inspired me to wish the Queen a (belated) Happy Birthday. Firstly, my birthday is the day before hers (April the 20th and 21st). One day later and I would have shared my birthday with the Queen, instead of with my dad and Hitler. Aidan bought me a massive stack of Woman’s Own magazines from 1952 as a birthday present. The week covering my birthday has the Queen on the front cover. It seems strange to think that she was 27 in 1952; the age I am this year.

From reading the Woman’s Own and Woman magazines, it seems that the Royals were like the ‘celebrities’ of today: girls and women evidently looked up to the female members of the royal family for inspiration. I certainly wouldn’t mind some of the outfits; never mind the lifestyle.

Gathering for a special day

In honour of the wedding next week, I’m going to do some ‘Right Royal’ posts. It’s a good excuse to delve into my vintage magazines; both ‘old’ and ‘birthday-new’ editions.

Enjoy Saturday in the sunshine and here’s to the bank holiday!

Oh, and as an aside: what’s your Royal Wedding name? You start with Lord or Lady, add a grandparent’s name, then hyphenate a pet’s name with the street you grew up on. I am Lady Barbara Buster-Churchill… amazing!

Add your Royal Wedding name to the comments!

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