Vintage Treats for a Happy Easter!

I’m not really one for Easter, especially not this year as I decided on my birthday to try and not eat chocolate until my next one… that’s 365 days without chocolate. I repeat WITHOUT CHOCOLATE. And I decided this a few days before Easter? Madness…

Anyway, if I can’t indulge in chocolate, I’ll at least indulge in some of the fantastic vintage Easter pictures I’ve found across the Internet. These are some of my favourites:

It’s also worth having a look on CakeWrecks as they’ve got some spectacularly amazing Easter-themed wrecks. Always makes me smile!

And, this isn’t a retro or vintage themed picture and I can’t even remember where I found it but… this is one my favourite photos of all time:

The Van Damme bunny always makes me smile.

Happy Easter!


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  1. madmonq says:

    Like most giant traditional holidays the trappings are usually more enjoyable than the reason for the season in the first place. Like tacky merchandise and/or disturbing photos of people dressed as bunnies. Cheers

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