Enjoy Easter with Woman’s Own

Woman’s Own, Thursday April 3rd 1952

How are you all enjoying the bank holiday? I will admit to having done not a lot today. We went for a run this morning, Aidan has spent the rest of the day working on the West German Pottery empire and I’ve… made some soup and watched five episodes of Come Dine With Me! Pretty much the best way to spend an Easter Monday, really!

This is probably one of my favourite front covers for Woman’s Own; well, of the ones I’ve read and seen so far. How cute is the little chick? I wonder how long they had to spend posing the model with it!

'Voyage Into Love' - Ernest Ratcliff

The caption is amazing for this one; completely incongruous with the image itself. As he stretched out his hand to touch her she said, “Gary, are you in love with Liz?” Sounds like a comedy sketch!

'The Day's Mischief' - Kenneth Kirkland

Does anyone else think the girl on the right looks a bit like a young Geena Davies?

Woman's Own, Thursday April 10th 1952

Has anyone made an Easter bonnet this year? My mum usually makes one for a competition at work; we always used to make them when we were kids as well.

'Portrait of Amanda' - Roswell Keller

The woman in that picture just looks so glamourous. Sometimes when I read these short stories and look at the pictures, I think that the 1950s must have been the most glamourous decade of the last century. It’s difficult to remember that everybody didn’t swan around in cocktail dresses, ‘going about’ with painters, playwrights and rich scientists all of the time.

‘Heartbreak for One’ – Aubrey Rix

‘Heartbreak for One’ takes up a whole page in the magazine and looks fantastic. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it’s at least as relaxing and as enjoyable as mine has been. Perhaps even more productive!


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