West German Pottery Exhibition: June 18th 2011


This looks to be a fantastic exhibition. Featuring – quite literally – more than just ‘Fat Lava’, the exhibition will feature unusual, rare and studio pottery. Details from the Pottery and Glass forum are below:

More than Fat Lava Mid Century & Modern German Ceramics

Adres: M.v.B. Bastiaansestraat 15
1054 RS Amsterdam

Exhibition to be opened by Mark Hill

The exhibition will focus on companies like Schramberg, Schäffenacker, Kummer, Ruscha, Kerstan, Kupfermuhle Keramik, Keto, Kechle etc, bringing a different feel to the West/East German experience. We will be showing a lot of pieces which are rare and difficult to find. There will be Fat Lava pieces on display also from Roth, Ruscha, Carstens, Kruetz, Otto, ES-Keramik, Ceramano to name but a few.

Launching at the exhibition will be a book dedicated to German Studio Pottery, called Bauhaus Generated by Kevin James Graham which
introduces over 700 Studio, Atelier and Töpferei potters.

Puntwg hosts a wide range of artisans, working in a variety of mediums http://www.puntwg.nl/archief.html

Opening Times:

June 18th Opening 3 pm
June 19th 12pm-5pm
June 25th 12pm-5pm
June 26th 12pm-5pm
July 2nd 12pm-5pm
July 3rd 12pm-5pm

A Emiel Monnink & Kevin Graham Exhibition

For more information, visit the Pottery and Glass forum and talk to ‘Madbrit’ A.K.A Kevin Graham or message him @Spritzdekor on Twitter.

Unfortunately, I can’t go to this because of holiday constraints with school. However, I am massively looking forward to seeing pictures from the exhibit! I know many of Kevin and Emiel’s private collections will be shown. This is one of the pieces that I would love to see in real life:

Gerda Heuckeroth & Heinz Siery - Photo courtesy of Kevin Graham

Let me know if you go, won’t you?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. lavalotti says:

    I really want to go to this. Hmmmmmm, wonder if I can swing it with work!

  2. Frank says:

    i’ll be there but i don’t know the day…

    1. littleowlski says:

      I really wish I could go. I’m so disappointed that I can’t!

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