Scandinavian Glass


Yesterday, I posted up a few pictures of our fledgling glass collection. The wonderful folks over at the Pottery and Glass forum have identified a few of them for me.

Vase 1462
Designer: Tamara Aladin
For: Riihimäen Lasi, Finland

This was identified by Sticknobills at the forum – seemingly a real font of knowledge on the Finnish glass.

I was also sent this link by Michajoli (at the forum) to explore even more of the designer’s work – and to see another example of mine in a different colour.

More examples here…

These were finally identified by Mark Hill, after Kevin Graham sent him a message containing the link to them. Mark says:

“Personally, I think these are from Sweden’s Ruda Glasbruk, and were probably designed by Göte Augustsson. The colour is known as Kobolt, and (if I’m right) they’re from a large range of mould blown and hand finished (the rim etc) textured vases, jugs and tankards. I wrote a ‘Closer Look’ feature on a different vase in the range in the current edition of the Miller’s Collectables Price Guide & Handbook, if you want more information!”

I love finding out more and more about our pieces, so now I’ve got two new areas to research and learn about. Huge thanks as always to everyone who helped to identify these.

Today is the last day before back to school… fortunately, this half term is only three weeks and four days long. Unfortunately, it means I have to do some work today for my real job… I’m sure I can find the time to research pottery and glass instead at some point!

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