Farewell Tina…


Well, Tina has finally gone to the big salvage yard in the sky. She served us loyally for two years, taking us on many memorable trips to the continent and genuinely astounding us with her tardis-like storage capabilities.

Unfortunately, it was going to cost quite a lot to get her through the M.O.T. and with the decision made that we really do need a larger vehicle, Tina’s time has come to an end. We couldn’t bring ourselves to scrap her so she’s gone to a salvage yard.

So, one trip to South France and five trips to Germany later… Your West German pottery carrying capacity was phenomenal and the way you stalled every single time we came to a stop during the last trip to the Continent will live on in our memories. As will your endearing habit of randomly blowing hot air at us every now and then… Tina, you will be missed.

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