Louis Shabner ‘Melanie’ Vintage Print

We were lucky enough to find a few more Mid Century Prints in Germany the last time we went. See, we don’t just pick up amazing West German pottery pieces; increasingly, we’re find a lot of glass, mid century and other bits and bobs.

This might be my favourite picture yet found:

Louis Shabner - Melanie

You just can’t beat a Louis Shabner Glamour Girl print. I mean look at her: she’s gorgeous!

I’ve seen her referred to in Wayne Hemingway’s Just Above the Mantelpiece book as the Girl with Red Ribbon. Luckily for me, this print had a sticker on the back with her name:

Once we get around to it, she’ll be taking pride of place somewhere in the house. I’d quite like her in the bedroom, I think as she’s a bit saucy looking. Probably too much so for the living room. Incidentally, the Wayne Hemingway book is fantastic but I would recommend checking for it on Ebay before buying.

Like this? Look here:

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