Big Pot, Little Pot: Ruscha West German Pottery


This is slightly different from the usual ‘Big Pot, Little Pot’ post as both of the sizes are fairly tiny:

Three of these Ruscha pots came from the last Germany trip; the little blue one was found in a charity shop in Stafford. Just goes to show that you can still find them for a pittance in Britain.

This is our only Ruscha in the Vulkano glaze. Stuart at Bygone Times has a ridiculously huge one which will be appearing in the ‘More than Fat Lava’ Exhibition in June. Wish I could see that!

That’s the one we bought in Stafford, for the grand sum of £1!

I’ve been doing a bit of a Glee catchup over the past couple of days and tonight’s was the best for me – they did a Fleetwood Mac episode! I said to Aidan ages ago that they should do one. This was mentioned on a road trip a couple of times back; the producers must have had the car bugged.

Apart from that, I’m really struggling with the beginnings of a migraine. I’m going for the ‘ignore it’ approach at the moment. Quite difficult as I’m having to edit virtually every other word I type due to errors! Have also been talking gibberish all day, getting kid’s names mixed up (Marcarcus, anybody? That was a combination of Marcus and Macauley, I think!).

Ebay items for Penguinaidan are ending in approximately 50 minutes. I will then have the honoured task of wrapping everything… wish me luck!


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