West German Pottery Illustrators

The field of West German Pottery is ever-expanding. Now it seems that the vibrancy and vividity of the glazes, forms and colours are inspiring people far more talented than me to create some beautiful artwork.

Elisandra’s Illustrations:

Germany based illustrator Elisandra has created some fantastic digital artwork, based on the West German designs.

Copyright of Elisandra @ sevenstarsimages.wordpress.com

Her blog, Sevenstars Images, is lovely – not only are her West German and Fat Lava prints gorgeous; her other illustrations are equally as eye-catching.

Looking at some of these, I really wish I had a more artistic nature. I can make things and create arty stuff to a certain extent, but nowhere near to this level. I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

Copyright of Elisandra @ sevenstarsimages.wordpress.com

I think Kevin (@Spritzdekor) commented on the Facebook group for West Germany Pottery that he could create the previous picture in real life. Imagine that!

Copyright Elisandra @ sevenstarsimages.wordpress.com

Magprint Original Prints

Margaret is based in Toronto, Canada and her prints couldn’t be more different from Elisandra’s – both in production and style.

Copyright of Margaret Rankin @ magprint-original-prints.blogspot.com

My mum actually has this pot! Might be a good idea for a present for her.

Copyright of Margaret Rankin @ magprint-original-prints.blogspot.com

This last one is my favourite, for obvious reasons:

Copyright of Margaret Rankin @ magprint-original-prints.blogspot.com

I love the pictures that Margaret has put on her Etsy page which show how she makes the prints.

Copyright Margaret Rankin

Again, I really wish I was a bit more capable of making something like this. I’ll have to reconcile myself to the fact that I can’t and just desire after other people’s work instead.


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  1. sevenstarsimages says:

    thanks so much Emma! 🙂 This way I discovered Margrets amazing work. For some reason I was thinking I am the only one to illustrate the vases, but that was naive, the world is big 😀

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