Italian ‘Tourist Tat’ Pottery


As mentioned a few posts ago, not only do we have a fine selection of slightly more sophisticated and acceptable Italian pottery (the Bertoncello bits and bobs); we also have an increasingly growing ‘Tourist Tat’ selection.

This one even has the name of the hotel written on it: “Motel Maxim”. Actually, it’s a motel, isn’t it? Not even a hotel! Oh dear, imagine the people who would have stayed and bought this from the Motel Maxim… and now it’s in the proud possession of a mad collector such as myself, who can find any reason to keep any old piece of kitsch tat hanging around.

This next one is my absolute favourite though:

It’s a liquer bottle. The first time I saw it, I thought it said ‘Souvenir di Jarvisio’. It’s actually ‘Tarvisio’.  Nearly.

Amazingly, it’s still sealed:

Many of these things had a picture on them to represent the area you were buying it from:

I’ll be honest: I’ve got very little idea what this one is supposed to be! Could be sailing boats? Perhaps? If you squint a bit…

Having said a few months ago that I wouldn’t start a collection of these, that has swiftly changed with the addition of the bowl and walnut liquer bottle. How do I know it’s walnut liquer? Let’s just say, not only does our bedroom now have a distinct walnutty aroma to it; I may have tried a bit from around the rim… Aidan was aghast! You never know, if we ever run out of booze one night, I’ll crack it open properly.

What tourist tat do you love without reason?


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  1. Hil Beavan says:

    Love it! Have you seen ours – Seems tourist tat has universal appeal….

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