Dümler & Breiden: Polar Pottery


Third (more like twenty-third) time lucky for this post today. I appear to be experiencing technical difficulties with WordPress today. If you hear a high-pitched yelp followed by a loud crunching noise in approximately ten minutes’ time, that’s the sound of me booting my computer out of the window in a rage!

Ahem… after that small digression… bring on the pottery! You can imagine Anton de Beke saying that in a ‘Bring on the Wall’ stylee if you like. Please don’t attempt to jump through this lot of pots as they happen to be two of my favourites:

Dümler & Breiden Polar Glaze

Whilst the smaller one had already been unpacked, Aidan popped the big one out of Wanda the SuperBeastVanCar at about half ten at night; after we’d spend the entire day unpacking and identifying pottery from his latest trip. Needless to say, I was a bit excited by this one (I’m easily pleased) and it revived our flagging spirits no end.

Dümler & Breiden Relief 24/22

I love the glaze on these. The blue colour where the green and white meet is exquisite. They’re so big too. Dümler & Breiden make some of the most ostentatious vases, in my opinion. Some of our craziest pieces of West German pottery are by them. Whilst the glazes may not be as ‘Fat Lava’ as many new collectors would like, they’re both such striking pieces of pottery.

Dümler & Breiden Relief 22/36

This one is currently living on the hearth in front of the fire. It can’t really stay there, but there’s nowhere else for it to go. The house is bursting at the seams at the moment and Aidan heads off again on Tuesday to Germany for another pot-buying expedition. It’s madness!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. rubat says:

    wow…cool pieces..we do not have any D&B pieces…they are quite unusual designs..
    it is fantastic that Aidan can get out to Germany again so soon..i bet you can not wait to get to the exhibition in Amsterdam!!!…as you are missing out on the German trips…

    1. littleowlski says:

      Well, I’m jetting out on Friday evening to Amsterdam, will spend Saturday morning sight seeing in Amsterdam then meet Aidan for the exhibition in the afternoon. There may be some troedeling on Sunday morning…!

  2. sevenstarsimages says:

    pure awesomeness!

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