Much More Than Fat Lava… Amsterdam Exhibition 2011

This wasn’t a first in the world of West German Pottery, but the More than Fat Lava exhibition in Amsterdam certainly felt like it to me. I’ll let the pictures do the talking about the pottery – there were some fantastic pieces mixed in with, as has been pointed out elsewhere, more familiar glazes, forms and factories that were more attainable to the average collector.

Possibly more enjoyable than the pottery itself, was the opportunity to meet so many of our fellow collectors from the West German Pottery world. Stuart – always a pleasure – from Bygone Times we’ve met before, but this was the first time we’d met the Grandmaster Kevin Graham, Richard (aka. Batman), Carina, Pauline, Werner, Mark Hill and many others! I will admit to not catching the name of a few people – so please, do make yourself known to me on here! Such lovely people: there was a real air of excitement and happiness wafting about.

Huge thanks to Pauline and Kevin for our gifts! The donkey enjoyed a bit of pizza and beer later on in our hotel room:

And the ES Keramik ‘rock’ from Kevin is giving our other ones stony glances… see what I did there?

Thanks again to Kevin (@Spritzdekor), Emiel (@Retrominded, and Mark Hill (@Antiquemark, MarkHillpublishing) and the many others who donated pieces: it was well worth the time and effort.


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  1. rubat says:

    great post……. looks like everyone had a good time….nice to see one of our old pieces made it (ceramano koralle) great pics… 🙂

  2. Ray G says:

    Wow, must have been fantastic. Love the Brownish pieces and wall plaques in same colours…havent seen those before. 🙂

  3. Hello Emma,
    To badI haven’t spoken to you in person, even after you took all effort to come to Amsterdam!
    I was in a rush or flow, perhaps at the same time….!
    Your pictures look fantastic! And good to read that you enjoyed the exhibition!!
    Maybe we can meet at some point when I will be in the U.K. …?

    thank you again for being there too!!
    Kind regards,

    Emiel Monnink

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi Emiel, don’t worry about it! it was a very hectic and busy day and you couldn’t have got round everybody. Yes, it would be lovely to meet up when you’re over here. The exhibition really was good fun, so well done again and I hope it continues to do well. Emma 🙂

  4. floh-jo says:

    Hi Emma,
    What a nice contribution you made! It was a great pleasure to meet you and all others. The exhibition it self was very nice; a lust for the eye and interesting. Also the art of Thomas I liked a lot. I am very greatfull that people like Kevin, Emiel, Richard, Forrest and all other collectors like youself contribute knowledge and enjoyment on this. The opening by Mark Hill was also great. He is the man who gave Orlando and me this fat lava and more feavor. I do hope we all will meet again. Pitty that it was just for a moment we meet. My best wishes to you and your friend and I will follow you once in a while. Love Carina and Orlando from Floh-jo

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