Bits and Bobs from Wowie Zowie


One of our favourite places is Wowie Zowie in Chorlton, and not just because they buy West German Pottery from us! They stock a wide and amazing range of mid century, retro and vintage bits and pieces. Virtually everything that is in that shop, we either already have or covet madly. If we ever open up our own retro and vintage shop, the template will most definitely be Wowie Zowie.


Wowie Zowie

Last time we went was a couple of weeks ago. We spent a good hour chatting to Jen and Goff, looking at all of their amazing finds. They have this treasure trove of a cellar and back room which I think we’d like to spend an hour or two rummaging through. Anyway, eventually we decided to purchase a few things:

Vintage things from Wowie Zowie

That is a beautiful print by Louis Shabner, a vintage 1950s Welsh Wool Tapestry Bag and a greetings card with a 1950s vase print. The Shabner print is probably one of our best prints:

Louis Shabner Print - Gail
Louis Shabner Print - Gail

 I’m also quite pleased with my tapestry bag. I’ve got a few of the purses now, including one in the same print just different colours. Jen informed me that it was quite a rare one from the ’50s so even better.


Vintage Tapestry Bag
Vintage Tapestry Bag

Aidan has headed off to Germany again tonight so I’m home alone. That means: party! No, not really. But it does mean I can drink wine, watch Heroes, blog and paint my nails ridiculous colours. And I have a car boot full of retro goodies to look forward to once he gets home. I’ve given a wish list which includes Italian Tourist Tat pottery, 1950s prints on anything and some plastic collectables. Fingers crossed he brings at least one of those back.

TFI Friday everyone!

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  1. Victoria Hunt says:

    Is this Lou Shabner Gail print for sale?

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