Retro Goodies from Corsica

As mentioned yesterday, we managed to find a few retro bits and bobs on our holiday. It wasn’t supposed to have anything to do with retro or vintage, but you know what we’re like… any sniff of a flea market and we’re there!

These postcards were the first things we found, bought over a number of days:

Retro Corsican postcards
Retro Corsican postcards
More retro postcards
More retro postcards

When we found the first one, I thought perhaps that it was being used to fill up the stand, but they must still be printing them as we found three of them in many different places. We stayed in Sisco by the way, on the Cap Corse – the little finger that sticks up at the top.

The flea market we went to was in Bastia, on the morning of our flight. I think it was quite brave of Aidan to agree to go to it – he’s one of those travellers who likes to be at the airport six hours or so before check in usually. Perhaps I wasn’t reckoning with his love of flea markets!

Scheurich 242-22
Scheurich 242-22

We found these together on the same stall. They’re a little boring in the glazes, but for the novelty (and price) it was worth buying them. We’ve now got about eleven of these 242s, and this only started as we began looking out for them for a buyer who’s got over a hundred of them in different glazes. Now we have our own little collection of ones he doesn’t want!

Vintage Picture and Italian Tat
Vintage Picture and Italian Tat

I also discovered the ‘Magic’ setting on my camera this holiday – cue lots of pictures with random ‘sparkle’ or the pinhole setting as on these two pictures. Not sure what I think of it yet, but I’ll keep playing with it. I absolutely love the Italian bowl – a bargain at 1 Euro. The 1950s religious print was also one euro. Not something I would usually buy, but it’s so kitsch I couldn’t resist.

So, not much but a few good little finds. Just goes to show you can get a retro fix anywhere in the world – even on a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. What I particularly liked was how we managed to get a selection of stuff representative of the tat we normally buy: West German Pottery, vintage pictures, 1950s stuff and Italian tourist tat. Brilliant and perfect!

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