Fairy Tale Illustrations

One of my favourite finds from yesterday was this:

The Giant All-Colour Book of Fairy Tales, 1971
The Giant All-Colour Book of Fairy Tales, 1971

This book was published by Hamlyn in 1971. The cover illustrations are by Ron Stenberg. All of the old classic fairy tales are here: Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Fisherman’s Wife… I remember all of them from my childhood. What drew me to the book as an adult were the gorgeous illustrations:

I’m planning to enlarge some of the pictures to use in my classroom as display, but also creative writing stimulus. I can also forsee many happy hours spent reading the stories and admiring the different styles of pictures illustrating each tale.


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  1. John Reddick says:

    I wonder if you would list the artists’ names? I owned the American version of this book as a child, and absolutely loved some of the illustrations — particularly the artist who did “Jack the Giant-Killer” and “The Goose-Girl.” (Possibly also “The Tinderbox,” “The Goblin and the Student,” and “The Golden Goose.” I believe he also did the cover of the American edition, which was nice, because he took the character designs from the other artists and did them in his own style (e.g., Dick Whittington, the Brave Little Tailor, and the Forty Thieves). Something interesting that I realized only after I had grown up is that the picture of Ricky-of-the-Tuft and the Princess is based on William Holman Hunt’s “Isabella and Claudio”!

    Many thanks!

    1. Pam says:

      Hello. Ron Stenberg did the dust cover. The book had sold very poorly but once Ron had done a new over, the books sold out.

      Ron Stenberg is still alve at 93 and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

  2. Nicola says:

    I was wondering if you could possibly give a bit more information about this book as I had one as a child and have been looking for one to buy. I have discovered so far that there are a few editions and even a U.S version but I’m looking for this specific one. With a bit more info I can check the info supplied by book sellers as most of them don’t include pictures on their websites. I loved this book as a child and my dad used to read a story every night so I’d like one for my own children now.

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