Woman to Woman: Owners Worry

1950s Woman to Woman logo
1950s Woman to Woman logo

Taken from ‘Woman’ magazine, week ending January 12th, 1952:

“What a nation of grumblers and worriers we are! I guess I used to be the same, but three years of living among the natives in South America took away my grouses.

They have practically nothing by our standards, living very primitively, going out to fish when they are hungry, otherwise never bothering to work. They live literally from day to day, and truly enjoy themselves.

All we seem to do is fuss about the future, but does it help?

There the very poorest make music, and it seems that the children are born dancing.

If only we smiled more and bothered less, we’d feel so much more grateful for our comfortable lives.”

1950s Woman Magazine letter
1950s Woman Magazine letter

It’s just a thought that seems to be resonating with me today…. I wish I felt a bit more like this:

1950s Woman Magazine Illustration
1950s Woman Magazine Illustration

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