Thursday Tunage


Some of the songs keeping me going at the moment…

Whenever I need cheering up, I can put ‘The Look’ on. Everything about it is magnificent in my eyes. My only wish is that I’d discovered it earlier so I could appreciate its genius for even longer. Stop motion pigeons acting out the lyrics to a Superman-esque tune? Say no more.

Last weekend, Aidan and I went to the Constellations music festival with a few friends. One of the bands I was particularly excited about seeing were ‘Summer Camp’. Despite something about the female singer’s affected manner irritating the life out of me, I still think some of their songs are perfect poppage. As evidence I give you:

Almost embarrassingly chirpy in tone, hiding the slightly cruel twist to the lyrics. As one of the commentators on Youtube said: “One dislike? Must be the person she’s better off without….” Couldn’t put it better.

Some of the other bands there were utterly fantastic; especially ones I’d never heard of! Fear of Men and Outfit stood out to begin with, particularly this one by Outfit:

It’s one to put on and leave… no video as of yet (that I can find), but I felt on Saturday that I could have listened to this for about three hours and been perfectly content. Six minutes is just not long enough.

My favourite – and many other people’s too – was a band from Manchester called Dutch Uncles. The venue they were playing in was beautifully lit up with several dozen paper globe lanterns, the stage surrounded by different levels creating a fantastic viewing platform for the vertically challenged amongst us. And oh… the dancing… what can I say about the singer’s dancing? Possessed? Inspired? Possibly both, but joyful to watch all the same. A flurry of Tweets confirmed my own view that “THAT is a man who dances like he doesn’t give a sh*t”.

*Freaky newsflash: as I’m writing this, 6 Music has just started playing Dutch Uncles. Thanks for that!

I bought the Summercamp album on Saturday; I think the Dutch Uncles album will be the next one on my list.

Enjoy the music; hope at least one song makes you as happy as it does me.

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