Coby Whitmore – Mother Is a Movie Queen

Coby Whitmore - Mother is a Movie Queen
Coby Whitmore – Mother is a Movie Queen

I picked this up from the Post Office depot yesterday morning. Found on a fuzzy photograph on Ebay in America and costing me the grand total of seven dollars… it’s one of the stand-out images from Lifestyle Illustrations of the ’60s and I’m just a little bit excited about having my own copy. ‘Mother is a Movie Queen’ by Coby Whitmore has to be one of the most stunning mid-century illustrations I’ve ever seen. And to think it was created for a woman’s weekly magazine. It should have been splashed across film posters and billboards across America and England.

Coby Whitmore - Mother is a Movie Queen

The seller did include a tiny, tiny note about the original magazine, but alas I’ve managed to lose it in the packaging! The date was 30th September, 1961 but I can’t remember if it was from Woman’s Weekly or Woman’s Illustrated. I think much internet searching is going to ensue to find out again… or I could just email them to ask.

Coby Whitmore - Mother is a Movie Queen

The pictures are a bit dark thanks to the lighting in our living room Saturday evening. However, the magazine pages are in fantastic condition. I’m thinking of getting them framed, but I can’t decide whether to frame both pages or just the main one.

Coby Whitmore - Mother is a Movie Queen

Isn’t she stunning? Hair, dress, pose; even the ’60s chair is a dream. I’m so excited and pleased with this: it was worth every cent!

If you wish to buy the gorgeous ‘Lifestyle Illustration of the ’60s’, it can be found on Amazon here. The fantastic Today’s Inspiration blog also features guest posts by the ‘historical expert’ David Roach here. I’m just waiting for the ’50s edition to be released now.

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  1. I really love old illustrations like this, great find!

    1. littleowlski says:

      Thanks! I was pretty pleased with it 🙂

  2. Nicole Beer says:

    Hello, I can tell you this original story “Mother Is A Movie Queen” appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on September 30, 1961. It appeared later on in the 60’s in Women’s Day overseas in the UK, the image was re-used with a different story title called The Bright Lights. Coby Whitmore was one of the best when it came to fashion illustration along with Joe deMers. Thank you for your interest in the this image. I am actually on staff at The Saturday Evening Post and we love to find fellow art lovers in the community.

    1. littleowlski says:

      Thanks for your comments, that’s excellent information. I’d managed to find out the Saturday Evening Post reference, but not the other one. I absolutely love his work! Thank you for your help – if there’s any chance you ever come across an original full magazine with it in, please do let me know! Emma 🙂

  3. Geoff says:

    I don’t know much about this illustration but i believe I have the original hanging in my kitchen. It’s been passed down to my wife from her grandfather who worked in publishing throughout his career. I would love to be able to verify if this is the original or not. I would post a picture but it doesn’t seem like this thread has that functionality.

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