Vintage Christmas Cards


Sir Henry Cole is credited with instigating the first mass-produced Christmas greetings cards in the 1840s. He commissioned a friend of his, John Calcott Horsley, an artist, to produce a thousand handmade cards for Cole to distribute to his friends. The introduction of the penny post helped to further the practice. (Information taken from

The First Christmas Card - Cole/Horsley 1843

Christmas cards are one of those things that I absolutely love sending (and receiving), but I am terrible at remembering to get them written on time. Very often, they’re sent out only a few days before Christmas with very little hope of them arriving in time. Usually, we use a suitable festive photograph to create our own cards. This year though, I think I might try and make something using some of my stash of vintage Christmas cards. Unfortunately I can’t quite remember where I bought them… they came in a bag with lots of others for various occasions. Aidan, being the thoughtful man he is, scanned these all in for me a couple of days ago without telling me.

What I love about these is how you can see the different decades and eras change. My absolute favourites are these ones:

Some people can definitely be expecting to see some of these through their door in the near future.

Happy 1st of December!

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