Pottery for Sale

As it’s now the (and I hate saying this) run-up to Christmas, we’re having a big push on Aidan’s Ebay, selling lots of West German Pottery. There are all kinds of pots for sale:

As with all of his Ebay listings, Aidan takes a lot of time to ensure that the pictures are truly representative of the colours, designs and proportions of the pots. Listings always include a detailed description of the items – any tiny blemish is described, and he does have eagle eyes! He spots things that I cannot see, even when he’s pointed them out to me. So you can be sure that if you buy something from us, what you see is most definitely what you get.

Some of my particular favourites from this week and next are these:

Roth Fat Lava Jug
Roth Fat Lava Jug

Roth 4301 for sale

Just look at the glaze on that! It’s an amazing texture; crusty, thick and bursting with colour. ‘Fat Lava’ could not be a more appropriate way to describe it.

Remember ‘nu rave’? No, me neither, but the neon/rave scene will always have a place in popular culture. Why not pay homage to it with this:

Jasba Neon Rave Pottery!
Jasba Neon Rave Pottery!

N3221120 Jasba for sale

Those designers really did take their inspiration from anywhere, didn’t they?

If ever there were a ‘man’ vase, this one would be it:

Carstens Man Vase
Man Vase

Man vase for sale

“You Jane, Me Great Big Man Vase…” There’s definitely something very masculine and tribal about it. It looks like it should be dug up out of a pit, storing the brains of some long dead pharaoh or emperor. Maybe that’s just my imaginative interpretation of it!

D&B Psychedelic Punch Bowl
D&B Psychedelic Punch Bowl

D&B Saturn Punch Bowl for sale

I’ll be honest; I’m not sure how Aidan persuaded me to part with that punch bowl! I love it. Imagine having your mulled wine out of that this Christmas? Would certainly be a talking point amongst your relatives and a fantastic way to initiate them into the West German pottery fold.

"It ended on an oily vase..."
"It ended on an oily vase..."

Scheurich 242-22 for sale

I’ll give a pound to anyone who can get the British Sea Power reference in my caption…

I’m worried that beautiful Scheurich will get overshadowed by its more gaudy cousins. The glaze on this is beautiful: subtle, swirled green covered in a silver, metallic oil. It was difficult to capture truly on pictures, but I think Aidan did a good job of getting it just right.

So, those are my favourites that are up for sale over the next two weeks. If you fancy having a look (and even having a bid), click here.

West German Pottery for sale ending 7th Dec
West German Pottery for sale ending 7th Dec

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  1. Larry says:

    I came across this German ceramic head on a photo search I have one that I have questions on exactly like that markings on the bottom 701 West Germany also… was going to send you a photo but I don’t know how mine is odd because it’s painted in kind of a Victor Victoria sort of thing is my best description it looks like a female but it has a handlebar mustache

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