First Day of Packing…

1970s Date Clock
Our moving date!

We’ve finally had the news we’ve been waiting for, for what seems like months: the completion date for our new house. It’s a week on Tuesday! So, this weekend, we’ve started packing the house. As a couple of friends of ours are going to be renting our old house, we need to get ourselves out fairly sharpish after the completion date in order to let them move in. Unfortunately, needing to pack and wanting to do it are two completely different things…

Vintage west german pottery lamp and other junk!
Vintage west german pottery lamp and other junk!
The first room we decided to start on – and as it happened, also the last! – is our spare room, which we use more as a study/office. The plan was to pack up this room to then get into the loft and sort out the junk that’s been hoarded in there since we lived in Levenshulme six years ago. Unfortunately, heads and hearts were in opposite places. We just about managed to get the little things in here sorted and packed!
Aidan's face
Aidan's face

Aidan’s face was pretty much like that for the whole time! I’m really not sure what was up with us – laziness combined with apathy and feeling a little overwhelmed by the task, perhaps?

Still Aidan's face...
Still Aidan's face...

Pecker Pecker is in the bedroom, so she was safe. Still seemed to find the time to do impressions of Aidan though.

At the moment, the things we’re packing are our familiar objects and old friends. It does seem strange to be wrapping and putting away objects that have sat around us for months, if not years.


The Anglia pottery deer and yet another retro calendar have sat on our computer desk for at least three years. Hopefully, they’ll find a  little spot in the new house.

We were trying to sort things out into three piles: Ebay, car boot sale and to keep. We may have come to some fisticuffs over the labelling of boxes: I was going for a simple and time-saving ‘E’ ‘CB’ and ‘K’ system while Aidan insisted on writing the whole word out.

I won.

Tomorrow, the plan is… well, who knows? We’ve both avoided talking about it! I’ve got a driving lesson and a date with the gym lined up anyway, so that’ll be my excuse for not wanting to do anything. I wonder how much it would be to pay someone to pack for us? It would need to be someone with steady hands and lots of patience to wrap up all of our West German Pottery! If anyone has any packing tips to make it less painful, please do let me know.

Just because it makes me smile, here’s another picture of Aidan’s ‘packing faces’:

"Oy! Stop taking pictures and help!"
"Oy! Stop taking pictures and help!"

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Clarey says:

    love your wall of lynch and tretchikoff! Keep ALLLLLL the things! ALLLLL of them

    1. littleowlski says:

      We honestly can’t keep anything, we really can’t! But the Tretchikoff and Lynch pictures will not be going anywhere!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Hi Emma, how are things? I’m Isabelle from the Bergerie in Sisco, Corsica! I just wanted to drop you a line to find out how you and Aidan are. I tried to send you a message earlier this month but I’m not sure whether you actually got it. It would be nice for us to get in touch again. I understand you’re in the middle of moving houses and I wish you all the best. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care, Isabelle. X

    PS: If my English is so good, it’s because it was written by my friend Nathalie who spent 16 years in Manchester (what a coincidence!) and it also so happens that she is a fan of vintage like you are!

    PPS: I also meant to ask you whether Aidan is still as keen on his bike as he used to be! Or the sleigh might be more appropriate for his journeys right now?

  3. lavalotti says:

    Congrats on the house! My own memory of hauling hundreds of vases around to the new house is too fresh and painful for me to want to dwell on it, so you just keep on packing 🙂

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