Your House in 1956


1950s Living Room

We moved about a month and a half ago, and apart from ordering (and receiving) our stove, we’ve yet to start decorating the house. Last weekend, we moved up into the loft room – currently named ‘The Cocoon’ – in readiness of preparations. I’m not sure what Aidan’s got in store for us this weekend; possibly pulling up carpets and stripping wallpaper.

We really want to bring mid-century style to our 1890’s house. We’ve got a stone exterior and lots of original features, which will definitely be staying, so it’s going to be a tricky task to merge the two style together successfully. Luckily, we’ve got a few magazines featuring just the kind of style we’re after.

1950s Living Room 2

 1956 Mid Century Room

1950s Sofa

I adore the sofa in the picture above and I’m pretty sure that the crockery set in the sideboard is a Midwinter one.  There’s something about mid-century design and style that seems to have lasted well; thankfully, more and more people are starting to appreciate it. Unfortunately though, this means that prices are going up as well.

Woman’s Own, Thursday March 15th 1956 featured a pull out booklet on Home decorating ideas. Some of the fabrics, wallpapers and furniture are fantastic:

Woman's Own 1956 Decorating Ideas 1

Mid-Century Fabric

1950s curtains illustrations

1950s curtains illustration 2

1956 Woman's Own Home Illustrations

1956 Woman's Own Home Illustrations 2

1956 Woman's Own Home Illustrations curtains

Some of the prints are just amazing. I keep scouring Ebay but to no avail. I’m either going to have to be prepared to part with the money for something authentic, or grit my teeth and get something more modern. There are some good contemporary wallpapers and fabrics which offer a very similar style, in keeping with the true mid-century style. We’d just rather have the real thing, then we could look like this couple:

1950s Couple Interiors

Hopefully, by keeping our eyes open and taking our time, we’ll be able to put all of our inspiration to good use and find the perfect pieces, wallpapers, paints and curtains to put our mark on our new house. Lots of fun along the way, too!

Mid Century Room Style

Mid Century Print Curtain


3 Comments Add yours

  1. thatmidcenturyfella says:

    Loving your blog! Mid-century design is a blast. Nothing compare, literally. Enjoy the hunt for your furniture. I look forward to pictures of you home after!

  2. Clare says:

    I really love mid century style – even though those chairs remind me of hospital waiting roomsI still wouldn’t turn them down. I come from High Wycombe which is still full of G Plan furniture!

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