Pumpkins, ghouls and witches… Vintage Halloween Adverts

Some of my most viewed posts on this blog are my roundups of the vintage Halloween pictures I’ve been able to find on the Internet that year. I love them, other people seem to love them so here are some spooky pictures that I’ve managed to find this year on the t’internet.

Which one is your favourite? I think mine is the one with the woman with the pumpkin over her head – you know I can’t resist a bit of vintage sexist advertising to get my knickers in a twist.

If you fancy it, and you’re on Instagram, come and join in with my #halloweennamechange

Usually I’m @littleowlski on the, but for the next week I’m @littleghoulski (see what I did there?). So come and say hello and join in some spooky shenanigans. Or just look at pictures of the bare bricks of my kitchen… Either way!

Happy Halloween!