Selling Some Stuff

Before anyone asks: no, I’ve not lost my mind and yes, I’m feeling fine… I’ve actually listed some things on eBay. There are quite a few banana boxes of stuff lurking around the garage, attic and most likely my rather large built in cupboard; things that have been bought in the past to purposefully sell, or I’ve decided against keeping for myself for whatever reason. Currently, I’m feeling the pinch of a long summer holiday, paying out for baby clothes and bits and bobs for the house so it seemed like a good time to get some eBay listing done.

Who am I kidding?

There’s no way I would have done it if Aidan hadn’t persuaded me to!

You can have a look at my Ebay items here… About half are listed at the moment, the others will be going on this evening.

There’s a huge mixture of stuff. Some of the dresses have come from Germany, found during our West German pottery buying trips. Others are ones I’ve bought for myself and no longer fit me. I wish I could wear the Marks and Spencers tea dress! I don’t think I’d take that off if it fit me. Alas, I’ve got no hope of getting into a size 8; certainly not at the moment, and I don’t think ever!

Other than the eBay listing, this weekend has been spent cooking food for Aidan whilst he paints like a demon and then knitting like my own demon. I’m making a baby blanket using this pattern from the Purl Bee blog. I can’t really knit that well, so I’m using this as a practice project. So far, it’s taught me how to cast on, actually do the basic knit, change colours/threads, fix a ridiculous mistake (using frogging), that stitches have different orientation and how to be very, very patient when you make a mistake then put an entire row of 140 stitches back on the wrong way round.  Once the blanket gets a bit further along, I’ll post some pictures up. It’s not really that impressive looking at the moment. Aidan will probably have decorated the house before the blanket is completed; the baby almost certainly will be here first! I just hope the baby isn’t so big that the blanket won’t fit round after all of that effort…

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