Day 2: Settling In



After a relatively late arrival yesterday, we had a lazy morning over a cooked breakfast and a slow meander along the seafront. We took the ferry across to Walberswick… When I say ferry, I mean a man with a rowing boat. Once there, we walked to the cafe and just had a little look in the couple of shops. I managed to forget to charge my phone up so no picturesque images of Walberswick I’m afraid. Instead, this is of inside our cottage. The jumper is Aidan’s dad’s, knitted by Aidan’s mum decades ago. There are lots of keen knitters here this week, all far more accomplished than me! The cottage is beautiful, albeit far too warm for me! And we’ve managed to get all of my five month old niece’s reusable marshes stuck in the washing machine. Fingers crossed we get those out soon! The handy man who came today had a hangover so said he couldn’t fix it today…

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