Day 1: Elsecar Heritage Centre


We didn’t set off until this afternoon, after a very late night and mad morning of decorating. We have a finished study and spare bedroom now though. Our journey to Southwold has also been delayed by a stop off at Elsecar Heritage Centre.

Run by the same people as Bygone Times, we were a little late today to look around all of the traders in the courtyard. However, we did manage a good look around the main antiques centre.



There were quite a few pieces of West German pottery on the various stalls. Also, lots of fantastic mid century glass: Whitefriars, Sklo etc.






We even found a Scheurich 414 in a glaze I don’t have. But I’m not supposed to know about that until Christmas… I also bought a piece of purple Sklo glass to give to my mum for Christmas. We’re very good at buying presents in advance in this household!

After a quick wander round, we’re now back on the road. We’ve got about three hours to go, but after our epic journeys to Germany, it doesn’t feel like such a long trip. We’re very much looking forward to sitting in front of the log fire once we get there.

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  1. gosh…. what a a treasure chest!

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