Mid Century New York Travel Posters



We’ve had the dates confirmed for our trip to New York City. We will be jetting off on October 31st, arriving in time for the Village Halloween Parade. According to the website, the theme for this year is ‘Revival’. I’ll be honest, I’m at a bit of a loss about what the theme actually means and what we can possibly dress up as for it. You can only join in the parade if you’re dressed up and, you know, we love a bit of costume drama in our house. All suggestions are welcomed for a costume idea!

As with all travel and tourist destinations, there are hundreds of travel posters available for New York.

New York vintage poster

These are some of my favourites from around the internet. What I like about this small selection are the colours and how they convey the size and grandiosity of the city.

The first five posters are vintage travel posters from various airlines and holiday operators. The final one, I found here. Designed by a man called Steve Harvey, I think it’s a modern design but quite nicely evokes a bygone era and sits well with the other posters. My favourite is this one:


We’re going at the wrong time of the year (and in the wrong era, really) but I love the images that this psychedelic poster evokes; laidback parties, hot summer, vibrant people, clothes and buildings and a creative, bohemian atmosphere. There are so many things that we want to do while we’re there. With a baby in tow, it’ll be difficult to do lots of sightseeing so we probably will have a more chilled out time than we would ordinarily (i.e., pre-munchkin). However, this poster makes me excited for some of those long, lazy days sat in Central Park people-watching and eating lots of American food.

I can’t wait.

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