Our West German Pottery Sale!


Last weekend we held our first grand WGP sale in our new home. We’ve been here for nearly two years now and we’ve accumulated so many pots during that time! The garage and our front reception room were truly sights to behold. Like a nincompoop, I didn’t take a picture of the front room in all of its wall-plaque glory, but here’s one of the garage before the WGP lovers of the North West (and beyond) were unleashed upon it:

West German Pottery Sale. Hadfield, Derbyshire, 2013
West German Pottery Sale. Hadfield, Derbyshire, 2013

It was a lovely weekend, it really was. Saturday was the busier of the two days (it was basically my friends that came on Sunday!); we had people travel from as near as round the corner and from as far away as Hamburg, Germany. It was steadily busy all day, and to be honest, I’m out of practice with taking pictures with a blog in mind. So, there aren’t as many as I would have liked.

Aidan's trousers out-glaring the WGP!
Aidan’s trousers out-glaring the WGP!

Many of the usual suspects came along with lots of new faces; all of whom seemed very pleased with their purchases:

Happy customers!
Happy customers!

We were really lucky with the weather: it was cold but sunny, perfect pottery hunting conditions. Although one person who came without a coat ended up having to borrow one from Aidan…!

Thank you to everyone who came along from near and far. It really was lovely to meet all of you. If by any chance you read this, if you would like to send a picture of your pottery in situ, I’d love to add it to this post.

Find us nowadays at Facebook.com/westgermanpotsandpots to find out more info and be notified about our pottery for sale.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan Marriott says:

    yes, you are a nincompoop for not taking photos of your living room, but I’m glad you had a great weekend…

  2. looks amazing…one day I would love to come for tea

    1. littleowlski says:

      We’d love to have you. Let us know if you’re ever about in Manchester x

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