Spring Pottery Display

I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted about the previous pottery display in our ‘Diamond Room’ (as the kids call the dining room); but now the weather seems to be picking up a bit, it seemed like a good time to change the pots around a bit and make a new display.

West German Pottery Jopeko
West German Pottery – Jopeko

The theme is a simple one: green, floral or spring related. I’m sure I could have come up with something more imaginative, or less obviously related, but I fancied having a few green pots out for a bit.

West German Pottery - Roth
West German Pottery – Roth

I’ve just had to ask Aidan whether these ones are Roth or Marei. I’m afraid my knowledge of West German pottery has stagnated somewhat since having the kids (I know, I know, it’s one of the worst things about baby brain) and it might seem daft, but imagine losing all memory, knowledge or even interest in something that was previously a massive love and hobby… imagined it? See, it’s rubbish, isn’t it? Anyway, more pictures of pots:

West German Pottery - Dumler & Breiden
West German Pottery – Dumler & Breiden

That ginormous D&B is an opinion divider… I think you either love the bombastic nature of it or loathe it with the passion of a thousand fiery suns (to misquote something or other). Either way, it worked well with my display so onto the sideboard it went. Incidentally, this particular pot is actually for sale in our shop garage so if you are also a fan of a bombastic pot, it can be all yours. Message me on Instagram @littleowlski for details. That’s my hard sell done.

West German Pottery - Scheurich
West German Pottery – Scheurich

Those two should have their very own ‘Big Pot, Little Pot’ post really. I love these. For some reason, we’ve got one of them on our ‘Keeper’ side of the garage and the other for sale. I think they both will be going back to the keeper side as I really do like how they look.

These pots are all keepers. The mushroom shaped Ruscha ones are two of Aidan’s absolute favourites, so they won’t be going anywhere for a while. I could potentially see us selling the crater-like Dumler & Breiden and even the stripey Steuler at some point. This is the problem with having so many pots: you become desensitised to them, even the really good ones. Pots that in the beginning of our collecting days we would have been running around with glee to have found; nowadays, we’re a bit like, ‘Yeah, it’s alright….’

West German Pottery Spring Display
West German Pottery Spring Display
West German Pottery Spring Display
West German Pottery Spring Display 2 

What do you think of my displays, then? Apologies for the rubbish second picture – it was a quickly taken one with bad lighting. All these years writing this blog, and I’m still not great at taking pictures! There are a couple of additions of glass to balance them out a bit, and the foliage on the right hand side are some fake flower displays I got the kids to make this morning. The glass face vase is either Dartington or Wedgewood – I can’t even remember which one! I found it years ago on a shelf in a German charity shop, thought it looked good and showed it to Aidan. He agreed, then we have found it since in an antiques and collectables book for some silly price. I probably should move it from the edge of the sideboard, away from clumsy little elbows and hands.

If you’re interested in more West German pottery, have a look at the tags on this post at the top or visit Aidan’s site: Potsandpots.com. It’s a treasure trove of information!


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