70s Sunburst Clock and Others…


We won, we won, we won!

We won the 70s sunburst clock that we put in a bid for at the auction. Clock was collected last night and duly batteried, cleaned and inspected by the other half. A did a sterling job, as always!

70s Sunburst Clock
70s Sunburst Clock

I absolutely love it and cannot wait for it to be in situ somewhere in the house.  There are so many modern reproductions; I’m thrilled to finally possess a genui-ine vintage one!

In honour of the new addition, I thought I’d post up some pics of our other retro clocks dotted around the house. There is a substantial collection of Westclox alarm clocks in the loft; fetching them out is definitely a job for another night!

70s German Plastic Clock
70s German Plastic Clock

Made in Germany, sold on a Glossop antiques market stall… this little treasure was purchased for the Holtster (AKA the other half) a few Christmasses ago. I think he was pleased with it!

The 80s electronica clock!
The 80s electronica clock!

Forget the iPod touch… all you need is this amazing clock! It comes complete with the radio and a light. What more do you need?  Holtster bought this intending for it to be sold on Ebay. However, it was tested in the living room and seems to have found itself a comfy spot. In truth, I think both of us love it too much now to part with it.

I will find out the Westclox collection one day…


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