More Wheeling and Dealing at the Auction…

We’ve been to the Sykes & Sons Auction again tonight. Not quite as good as last time, but still some bits and bobs. Actually, thinking about it, I think I’ve got more bids on things than last time but possibly because I’m more confident in bidding? Not sure. I also managed to forget to take pictures for some items, then didn’t take some of others as I didn’t want a man that was there to spot what I was interested in! He had two full sheets of items with bids on. Admittedly, he probably wasn’t looking at the same things as me, but still!

Her Majesty's Voice Record Player

This record player looked quite interesting (to me) but I’ve got no use for it. So, it got photographed but no bid was made.  We were kind of crammed in at this point with bid-on-everything man, so the picture is a bit close unfortunately.

Vintage Bread Bins

Aha! Now here are some items I did remember to take a photo of and I’ve got a bid in for. Now, I’m not a bread bin maniac or anything, but I do quite like the red one. I think I can squeeze that in my kitchen somewhere (don’t tell the Holtster…), but if I can’t, I think they should sell well on a car boot sale. I know if they were in a ‘shabby chic retro’ shop in Lahndan, then all of the women down there would snap them up. I’m hoping northerners will do the same on a car boot somewhere next summer!

I’m afraid that’s the extent of my picture taking. Apart from the bed bins, I’ve also got bids on: a box of vintage (but still brand new in original boxes) shoes, a vintage Avon bubble bath holder which is a little boy holding a balloon (like this one here on Ebay, but mine has his balloon still), and – this is the best item in my eyes – a box full of vintage hats! Mostly Kangol, they appear to be from the 50s and 60s. One of them does seem to be genuine tiger fur… which is slightly worrying to my morals, but Aidan has suggested that if I want to sell that one, I could donate some profits to the WWF.

Anyway, as before, the auction junk was great fun to look around and hopefully, I’ll win something. We’re planning a day trip to Holmfirth and Huddersfield (partly auction, partly Ebay items collection) on Saturday, so no doubt there will be more retro and vintage goodies to blog about. Fingers crossed for the vintage hats, people please!

PS:  Found this retro Avon advert on Youtube; it’s too good not to share! Perhaps if I win my retro Avon at the auction then I’ll do a post about all of my Avon… Aidan will roll his eyes at that one!

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