More Halloween Owls… why not?


vintage-halloween-scared-girl-owl-pumpkin-cardContinuing on with the Halloween and owl theme, I thought it was about time I showed you the vintage owl prints I got from Crosby last week.  I found the picture above through another Google search. These vintage Halloween pictures are fab: I think next year, I will be decorating my classroom with these before Halloween itself.


These prints are really strangely made: lacquered clear over the prints themselves. On the back of the smaller one is a label for Mullionaires Limited, Made in England. I did a quick search for it online, managed to find another one on an old Ebay listning. There is also a patent on the process of coating the print. The prints themselves are by Basil Ede – who seems to be more famous than I first realised! 

There’s not a lot else to say about these two really. I just had to put them up as they are owls, and I’m a bit obsessed with them at the moment. These will probably be sold on Ebay as they’re not really my kind of vintage print!

This evening we shall be carving our pumpkins for Halloween and watching a scary film. Last night’s Zombie Pride event was fab! We were the only group of people dressed up on Canal street, and it’s fair to say we attracted some attention… The 80s vibe will probably continue with watching ‘IT’ tonight. I’m already scared thinking about it: I watched about 15 minutes of it as a young teenager and was terrified. No doubt, I’ll almost find it laughable as an adult, but we’ll see.

So, how about an 80s zombie bridesmaid:


Brilliant! Not sure how I’m ever going to get the fake blood out of my sleeves.  Or when I’m ever going to wear this dress again… I think my finest moment last night was walking onto the dance floor in the club, completely zombie-ed up (obviously), becoming really absorbed in dancing and swishing my full skirt about, only to look around me and realise that no-one I knew had followed me! Oh well…

Happy Halloween!


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