Early ES Keramik West German Pot… and cake!

Even when ill, the retro stuff just cannot keep away from me! Today, while I recuperate, Aidan is off on a charity shop hunt around the North West. He’s already been into Glossop to have a look there and has returned with this little gem for me:

We think it’s 1950s, judging by the colours, and a quick trawl on the Ginsforodditiques website seems to suggest that it’s be ES Keramik.  There’s a section on identifying marks on there; the ‘2’ on the bottom of the vase shown looks like my pot’s ‘2’:

Base of our newest addition...

You can take a look yourself to see what you think. Aidan’s not convinced the pot is even German. I see what he means – the glaze does have an Italian feel to it, an almost pumice-like texture. The other factor that concerns me with the marks is that the mark on the Ginsforodditiques website is impressed inwards, while my pot’s mark is embossed. Maybe this is another case for the Pottery and Glass forum patrons!

Aidan also brought me supplies for while he’s off gallivanting around the North West:

So that’s my day sorted: newspaper, napping and nibbling on chocolate cake…


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