Christmas Wish List No. 3: A Carlton Ware Owl Money Box

Carlton Ware Money Box

These were designed in 1969 by Carlton Ware. They made a whole range of different animals for children, including a cat and a horse.  However, it’s the owl version that I love. I finally saw a real life one in a shop in London yesterday. God only knows why I didn’t ask how much it was! I think I was afraid to ask! 

More versions:

Orange and brown colours

There’s also a blue and green colour way that’s possibly even nicer looking, but I can’t find a decent picture of one on the web.  Retroselect has a few of the different designs and a bit of detail about them; always a good read.

This little owl salt and pepper set is also a bit good:

And I found this a while ago, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it is or where it came from…

Could be Swedish pottery now that I look again at it a bit more closely… speaking of which, next entry will be a much delayed catchup with our auction finds. Exceptionally good this time (in my opinion).


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