More Snow for Glossop….

Snowman as made by my friends, Deiniol and Rachel

When I said a lot had come down the other day, that was nothing compared to this:

More snow!

It’s probably about a foot deep at the moment.  Apparently, GMTV were in Glossop yesterday reporting that it was the coldest place in Britain at -9 degrees!  Well, lucky for me, school was closed and is closed tomorrow as well.  So, with no work to do, what did we spend our afternoon doing?

Playing around in the snow:

Aidan on his snow slide!

Our friends, Rachel and Deiniol, came with us to the local park. We began by building a snowman, a bog-standard one I might add, but Deiniol, being a bit arty like, had to improve on it… Hence the snowman at the top that looks like it’s about to open its eyes!  Unfortunately, some scallies knocked it down soon after we left it.

And here’s Big Bob out the front of our house before, again, some unknown reprobates kicked him down:

Big Bob guarding the house

Fingers crossed for another Snow Day on Thursday! I might take a visit to the local swimming baths if I’ve nothing else to do…

Just watch out for the ducks!

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  1. Hi Emma! Snow is wonderful…I love it! Today we have -19 in Stockholm…it´s cold. Normaly we have around -5 in the winter here. In Dalarna they had -38 C I can´t imagine the feeling to be outside in that tamperature

    1. littleowlski says:

      That is actually amazing! Cold is probably not the word. My boyfriend is back outside as I type, making his snowman even bigger. I’ve never seen snow like this in my entire life; I can’t even imagine -19, never mind -38!

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