Retro Finds In New Mills

Last weekend we planned to go to Buxton and New Mills on Saturday, thinking that there wasn’t really much in New Mills to do. How wrong we were. We ended up spending the whole day there near enough. It’s a nice little town on the edge of the Peak District, a bit like Glossop really….

The Ladybird Book of The Weather

When I was a very young child, I was allowed to buy one Ladybird book a week if I’d been good. I still love them now; especially the older ones. This 1963 ‘ The Ladybird Book of The Weather’ came from the Willow Wood Hospice Shop in Glossop for the grand total of 25p. My…

School’s Out for Winter!

My school is inaccessible until Monday (at least), so I’ve ended up with an extra week off.  I’m about as excited as this: I am a girl dancing to the Archigram Electronic Tomato. Three cheers for all the snow: hip hip, hooray!

More Snow for Glossop….

When I said a lot had come down the other day, that was nothing compared to this: It’s probably about a foot deep at the moment.  Apparently, GMTV were in Glossop yesterday reporting that it was the coldest place in Britain at -9 degrees!  Well, lucky for me, school was closed and is closed tomorrow…

Snow in Glossop!

Back garden in the snow Just wanted to share this with you… The snow has come down fairly thickly in Glossop today… Happy New Year!