Barnsley Booty!


Now that I’m back at school, inevitably, the frequency of posts will go down. No matter: I’ll just store it all up for when I get the chance for a catchup.  This is just a little one tonight, as I’m a bit tired and Glee is on very shortly…

Last weekend, we went to Barnsley to conduct a cost of living survey and to visit some friends and family.  This meant that the obligatory charity shop hunt was in order… Now, it’s a strange coincidence, but three of the main towns in my life just happen to have the most charity shops I’ve ever seen within their centres: Stafford (birth place), Durham (where I went to University) and Barnsley (Aidan’s birth place).  There must be about ten charity shops in Barnsley! It’s a Mecca for secondhand goods hunters… Anyway, here’s what we found in the very first shop we visited:

Not particularly exciting, but they’ll do for car boot sales in the summer, especially as they were only £1.00 each…. Left one is a Scheurich; right one a Bay. I forgot to check the numbers before they got lofted, I’m afraid.

Saving the best til last as always: remember my last post? Where I told you that some of my beloved Scheurich 414 pots had got broken in a midnight dash to the toiletten by Aidan? Well, in that very same charity shop we also found this for fifty whole pence:

Words cannot describe how astonished and excited I was to spot this. The best of it was, it had been reduced to 50p – meaning it had been in there for some time. Just waiting for me…

Next post should be about the Fifties and Sixties architecture of Barnsley, but I want to do some research first. Yes, you read that right: Barnsley and architecture were in the same sentence! Just wait as you may be surprised by what you see.

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  1. clairebelles says:

    Emma, you have great jugs. (couldn’t resist)

  2. Good that you found a new jug after the disaster…
    It was a long time since i was out looking but now I am inspired to go and check!

    1. littleowlski says:

      I was quite pleased, especially for such a bargain price! Got a new one that has arrived today, all the way from Germany. Pictures to arrive soon. Good luck searching!

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