Charity Shop Finds: Blackpool’s Bargains


Here is my disclaimer before you see the following photos: 

1) The Italian pottery found in Blackpool will not be to everybody’s taste.

2) I have mentioned previously my inability to take a decent picture of a pot.

That said:  feast your eyes on these:

A little bit gaudy, a little bit over the top… what’s not to love?! How about the fact that they have undoubtedly been produced as tourist tat for one region of the continent (Italy) and have somehow ended up in the tatty, touristy town of Blackpool? How can you not appreciate that? 

Ok, I know. I’m trying too hard… it’s just me that loves them. Ah well. You’ll all be laughing on the other side of your face when these are worth thousands in fifty years’ time. Probably.

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