Art Deco Morecambe


Here is the guest blog previously mentioned. Emma has kindly allowed me loose on her blog to talk about the Art Deco world of Morecambe (Lancashire on the NW coast of England).

As a birthday surprise I was treated to a night in The Midland Hotel on the sea front of Morecambe. This amazing Art deco hotel built in 1933 (for the princely sum of £72,000) replaced a Victorian hotel on the site and was designed as a hotel for the wealthy to visit (many could no longer afford foreign holidays due to the great depression but wanted 1st rate facilities closer to home).

Financed by the The London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company and designed by Oliver Hill. The design stood out because attention was paid to all aspects, internal and external and extended to items such as commissioning large art pieces for the interior to the colour of hand towels.

Exterior of The Midland, Morecambe

Today, after a major renovation (reopening in 2008), the hotel retains much of its original grandeur, attention to detail and original art work. I especially liked the two huge stone carved seahorses that sit either side of the exterior of the main staircase.

Interior of The Midland, Morecambe

The grandeur of much of the rest of Morecambe’s Art Deco past has faded. B&M Bargain and Hitchens occupy two amazing sea front buildings and other Art Deco gems hide on back allies and above shop fronts.

Former Art Deco glory of Morecambe

Thanks to the Friends of the Midland Hotel  for much of the information contained within this blog and to Emma for treating me to an amazing birthday trip.


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  1. Glen Cooper says:

    Nice photos.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay at The Midland. I had a similar treat for my recent 50th and it was marvellous.

    I hope the town can effect similar restoration of some of the other grand old art deco buildings.

  2. Lesley says:

    Wow, I’ve never been to Morecambe and didn’t realise it had such a lot of Art Deco gems. Shame they are not being appreciated as much as they should be. Seems to be the case the world over. There are so many Art Deco cinemas and shopping strips in dire need of love and attention over here in Australia. Well, I suppose I know where to stay when I come over to visit my homeland next.

    Thanks for sharing this, I hope that blogs like this will raise awareness of our Art Deco heritage and help to save more of it.


  3. Glen Cooper says:


    Morecambe has whole streets of houses that were built in true art-deco style with lovely rounded corners and flat roofs.

    In other streets there are individual examples.

    Many have now been altered to accommodate pitched roofs but you can see them and get a good idea of how they did look.

    If you ever feel like visiting then you may want to time it to coincide with one of the walks that feature our art deco heritage.

    Details here

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