New Scheurich 414


I’ve been exceedingly slack on the blogging front recently. Usual excuse: work. I’m not going to comment any further as it occupies too much of my mind as it is. 

On a more interesting front, I recently received this:

Shocking picture: I do apologise!!

Another Ebay purchase; I was a little disappointed when it arrived though. It had a tiny fleabite chip on the inside rim which wasn’t mentioned in the listening. The seller did knock me some money off though when I complained. Never mind… plenty more of them about. See this Ebay seller for example!

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  1. Ohhhhh, Like the colours Emma. I have one Scheurich in another shape but the same colour and with some lava.
    Applied for E-bay and bought 8. Unfortunately in Sweden it´s difficult to fins some rare vases.

    1. littleowlski says:

      Thank you! I also have another one in the same glaze and colours. Think I might go and take a picture of it and upload it. That’s amazing that you found 8 vases on Ebay! And I’m sure you do have some rare vases – you certainly have some more exciting ones on your blog than I have. Just popping over now to have a look at yours again…not been for a while 🙂

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