Arthur Wood Moneyboxes


There have been some new additions to the Arthur Wood family. First, I found the squirrel in a Glossopian charity shop. Next came the owl, found on a stall at the Newark International Antique Fair. Now, I have a tortoise courtesy of one boyfriend for a birthday present.

New Arthur Wood money box: Tortoise!

Funny story with this one though.  We’d been to a car boot sale the week before where I spotted… an Arthur Wood tortoise money box. Gleefully, I leaned over the pick it up as Aidan said, “It’s got a chip on the head!” in an almost joyful manner. I realised just why he was so joyful a week later…

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  1. paul harding says:

    would you be willing to sell your tortoise money box by arthur wood ?

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi, I wouldn’t I’m afraid. It’s part of a collection that I’ve kept! Not that I need any more collections…! Emma

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