Halloween’s Coming…


Which means it’s time for curling up on the sofa in the dark evenings, watching horror films from behind a cushion, and planning what to wear for our Halloween party. I’ve definitely decided to go as Balinese Girl by Tretchikoff now. Yesterday, we went to Blackpool and I bought some green fabric from ‘June’s Fabrics’ to make the headdress/turban. Now I need to find a suitable dress, jewellery and an appropriate method to turn my skin green.

Balinese Girl

I did have some other ideas for costumes:

Maria in Metropolis
Lydia in Beetlejuice
Barbara from Night of the Living Dead

Oddly enough, they’re all far more creepy and Halloween-appropriate than what I’ve decided on! I just couldn’t resist the chance to be a living Tretchikoff print…

Having literally just bought some green stage makeup off Ebay, I now need to find a yellow dress and jewellery. I think I’ll probably try and make the necklace from cardboard: then I can paint it so it matches properly. The earrings can be imaginary! Not sure how I would get anything like those beasts through my ears.

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  1. eurojim says:

    what an amazing idea!good luck..we have very similar likes actually.West german pottery and lois shabner and tretchikoff.james

  2. Malik San says:

    Hi Emma,
    I am a not a fan of horror and halloween. I have never before thought of the great works, of Tretchikoff as meriting of spiritual lampoon. Am I missing something, because I find the works of Tretchikoff uplifting and often ethereal. Never spiritualistic.

    p.s. Great site 😎

    1. littleowlski says:

      No lampooning intended whatsoever! I also love Tretchikoff; I also love Halloween but I have no spiritual connection or assigned meaning to either. I just thought that as I love that picture so much, it would be fun to try and emulate it: Halloween is a good enough excuse/reason to do it! Glad you’re enjoying the rest of the site πŸ™‚

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