Scheurich 414: Updating a Look

Regular readers will be aware of my obsession with the Scheurich 414 form. I currently have over twenty of them in different glazes perched atop a wooden blanket box in the bedroom.

Some of you may not not know that many of the factories reused numbers and updated forms. Scheurich 414 is one of these reused/updated forms. I was never a huge fan; most of the newer 414s had quite boring glazes. However, we all know that familiarity breeds either contempt or increases the adoration for something. In my case, it appears to be the more positive feeling has grown over time.


New Scheurich 414 Form

My opinion of these is slowly being changed… And it appears that other people’s viewpoint is as well. Aidan has been selling some of the pots on Ebay and the first one he sold of this form did quite well. See, I don’t like them so much that I need to keep them, but I am definitely starting to appreciate them more.

Here’s a few more:

Some of these show off the changing style of the Scheurich sticker:

This ‘Europ Linie’ sticker was used between 1962-1968 on designs that were being exported out of Germany. (Information via the Pottery and Glass forum).

This is probably the most common label, used between 1968 and 1980.

What’s your favourite WGP form? Updated or not?

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  1. lavalotti says:

    Interesting post; I’d never seen one of the updated 414 vases before! I think the most boring glazes tend to be the 1970s ones (so much brown!) but that one with the blue drip glaze is very pretty. I think my favourite shape is probably the Ruscha 313, although I’m also partial to a lot of the floor vase shapes from various other companies.

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