Scheurich Lora ‘Flame’ Glaze


The next trip to Germany is booked! We’re going during February half term and I can’t wait already. This time we’re going to expand our search area a bit further East; venture out of the Ruhr and Rhine areas!

This Scheurich beast was bought on the last trip and I think it spent some time on my lap, before being relegated to the back of the car and stuffed full of other pots. Unfortunately, it’s overglazed on the bottom so I haven’t got the number at the moment. I’ll ask on the Pottery and Glass forum. It’s also got a big crack on the bottom, which is annoying, but doesn’t really detract from it. It really is a beast of a pot though: probably about 45cms tall!

Lora glaze, also known as ‘Flame’. Developed in the 1960s and it’s a very popular one. I’ve also got a 414 in this – I’d like some more!


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  1. Gorgeous, it must look stunning in real life. I do like a big chunky vase.

  2. lavalotti says:

    I covet one of these!

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