Tretchikoff in Father Ted!

Aha! The Eagle Eyes have been at it again. Look very closely…

Balinese Girl on the landing

We’re planning to put one of ours in the exact same spot! ‘Zulu Girl’ is waiting to be hung up – as soon as I’ve convinced Aidan to buy a new drill capable of getting through our stone walls.

Is this the most sarcastic priest in the world?

This episode (Episode 6 of Series 3) of Father Ted is when he kicks Bishop Brennan up the arse. Apart from the Tretchikoff sighting, it also has my favourite ever bit from Father Ted in it: when Father Jack says, “I’m soooo, soooo sorrryyyyy!” Closely followed by, “I love my brick!” for best line, in my opinion.

I need to go to bed. Or get out more. One or the other…

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  1. stickinsect says:

    A really great episode of a great sitcom!

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