I thought I saw a Scheurich 414…

Another trip, another Scheurich 414:

Scheurich 414-16

This is a new glaze for my collection, which brings me up to 26 different ones in total. The space on top of the blanket box is definitely narrowing. I think I may have to start pushing hard for a new shelf to be put up.

We also found another one in this glaze:

Scheurich 414-16

As I’ve already got one of these, this one will probably get sold. I do like it though. It’s like the antithesis of some of the gaudier pieces of WGP.

Another new version of the 414 as well:


I have considered starting a collection of these as well, but I think we’ve got enough around the house as it is!


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  1. lavalotti says:

    That white 414 is amazing!

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